What are the different machine types?

Electro-mechanical  (E/M):  Machines manufactured between 1960 and 1979 typified by having scoring indicated on mechanical type counters and controlled by relays and step-up switches. Some earlier E/M machines have light-up scoring, but generally we do not work on these due to non-availability of parts and schematic diagrams. We also no longer repair bingo type pinball machines.

Basic electronic: Manufactured between 1977 and 1989. Scoring on digital displays and after 1984 may show alphanumeric characters as opposed to simple numeric readouts on earlier games.

Advanced electronic:  Post 1990 incorporating dot matrix displays which show graphics as well as score information.

Pinball 2000:  Produced by Williams Bally during 1998. Machines (only two models produced) incorporate a video display mirrored on to the playfield glass. We do not repair these models.
What are the different repair types offered?

Board or module repair:  Having discussed the problem with your basic electronic or advanced electronic machine, we can repair a faulty board or module at the workshop and return the item by post for you to fit. Cheap and effective but with some faults other repairs may be needed after the repaired module has been installed.

Repair / Service:  Can be carried out either at your home or at our workshop. Level of repair and cost depends on work involved. Routine service work can be carried out at the same time as a repair, often at minimal additional cost.

Game overhaul:  Involves complete strip down of the machine, repair of faults, replacement of lamps, rubber rings and replacement of worn mechanical parts, such as flipper links, backstops and bumper yokes. Can only be carried out at the workshop.
Are there repairs that you won't undertake?

We won't undertake repair if we believe it would not be cost effective, based on the overall condition of the machine or possibly if there is a history to the problem. An example of this is where boards have been subjected to abuse (eg over voltage) or poorly repaired previously.  We only repair pinball machines, unlike some other repairers we don't dabble in areas we aren't comfortable with! On the board repair page of this site you will find that we don't repair certain types of boards and only offer a limited repair service on others; this is generally due to non-availability or restricted availability of certain components. We can advise further on this aspect of board repair when quoting a price. We do not repair electronic pinball machines manufactured by Zaccaria, although we will repair their E/M games.
If a board repair doesn't fix my problem, what is the next step?

We can come out to the machine to look into additional faults or you can bring it to the workshop in Great Yarmouth, or we may be able to send out parts for you to fit if you are comfortable with that. An example of the latter would be if a coil had failed resulting in a board repair being necessary. Again, once you have a working board we can advise on other issues to determine a course of action.
Do you only repair machines at a customer's home?

No, we can come to your place of work if more convenient. We can also repair machines at our workshop.