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Complete game overhaul can bring your non-working or partially working pinball machine back to full functionality.
Although the process involves more work than having a routine service or specific problems repaired, and requires the game to be transported to the workshop, the results are well worth it.
In carrying out simple repairs or servicing, problems can get overlooked and work is often constrained by time, especially where a long journey has to be made. By having the game at our workshop we have the opportunity to extensively test play it following the overhaul and track down those niggling little faults that can be so annoying during gameplay.
Game overhaul comprises a complete strip down of the playfield on both the playing side and the underside. All rubbers and  lamps are replaced and all mechanical assemblies are overhauled. All fuses are checked for the correct ratings and any connection issues, such as burnt plugs are addressed. In electronic games minor circuit board repairs are included, such as power supply issues and faulty lamp drivers. Displays are repaired where necessary, although if glasses or dot matrix displays require replacement, this is at additional cost. In electro-mechanical games the backbox mechanisms are also overhauled and the motor board in the base cabinet is serviced. Mains leads are renewed if necessary and  grounding is added where it was not installed by the manufacturer.
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All of the pictures here are of games that we have overhauled, either for customers, or prior to sale. Click on any image for a larger view.
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