Complete  Game  Overhaul
Complete overhaul of your pinball machine at our workshop restores a neglected machine to full functionality. Price is based on the type of machine and whether you deliver and collect the machine.

For a machine that has not been used for some time and requires re-rubbering and other repairs this is probably the most cost effective solution.

Includes complete strip down and rebuild of both sides of the playfield. On E/M games, all of the backbox components are serviced and rebuilt if necessary. The motor board is also overhauled.
On solid state and advanced electronic games, circuit boards are checked and repaired and any burnt connectors replaced.
Phone:  01493  655680
Following overhaul each machine is checked and played to ensure full functionality.
Various stages of overhaul of an electro- mechanical game playfield.
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Playfield cleaned, inserts relined and lamps installed
Posts and rollover guides installed
Posts installed on lower playfield
Rubbers and lightshields installed
Bumpers installed & playfield complete
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